Liwuet also provides services for start-ups. These include business registration, practical entrepreneurship training among others as follows:

  • Accounting services for SMEs
  • Entrepreneurship Clinics for SMEs
  • Financial Modeling
  • Raising Capital
  • Business Growth Strategy
  • Adoption of LEAN Techniques
  • Strategic Planning
  • Corporate Research
  • Business Writing
  • Corporate Training

Operations improvement: Liwuet Services helps organisations improve operations using the breakthrough improvement methodology. The activity begins with diagnosis of the current state of affairs -which is called base-lining.

Following this targets or goals for improvement are set along with the client. Detailed action plans for improvement are drawn up with clearly defined milestones. Liwuet Services works with the client as a guide and coach till the improvement is realised.

Our clients have reported 30 to 40% improvement in performance measured in terms of cost or throughput or profits as the case may be.

Lean Management

This involves training in the lean methodology, work study/time study to identify cycle times, TAKT times, bottlenecks, identification of wastes and hands-on assistance in implementing lean systems.

Liwuet Services works with small and medium industries to implement lean concepts in their operations. Liwuet Services works both with small scale industry clusters as well as with individual units in this area. Our consultants are experienced, and understand the challenges of the Ghanaian small scale industry environment and tailor their solutions keeping this practical aspect in mind.

Financial Consulting

Liwuet Services provides several financial services from financial advisory services to execution to the Startup to well established organizations. We have partnered with network of service providers in the area of accounting, tax, legal, M&A. To fulfil the financial needs of startup/ early stage / & matured organizations, we have also tied up with Angels & Venture Capitalist. 
Here are ranges of F&A services we provide: 

  • General Accounting services
  • Financial modelling
  • Planning, Budgeting & forecasting
  • Fund raising


Raising Capital

We are a group of professional advisors with many years of experience in packaging SMEs and connecting them to Venture Capitalists.

From our diverse backgrounds, we provide business advisory services to numerous entrepreneurs and their exciting projects by providing a combination of funding, resources and pro-active involvement to create value. By that, the risk level of SMEs is low and they can pass the assessment by investors. We monitor growth process to guarantee good ROI for the investor. The win-win-win relationship thrives when the SME, Liwuet Services and investor are duly satisfied.



Through our network of high quality and dedicated partners, Liwuet works with network of researchers, editors, publishers, management experts and ICT professionals to ensure that every stage of research communication cycle works effectively.

  • Feasibility studies
  • Research Proposal
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Research Report writing
  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation

We also undertake feasibility studies, data collection and analysis for organizations. We finally write a report on our research findings for our clients.