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We Shape the Perfect Solution for Businesses

Liwuet Services is mainly a consultancy company with the commitment of providing IT and business development services to businesses and entrepreneurs of all sizes across industries. We are a progressive organization with highly skilled staff from various industries with passion to simplify complex tasks and deliver to scope and time.

Best Consulting for both Public and Private Businesses.

what we offer

Business Shaped Solutions

We are committed to be preferred partner in improving business processes of public and private institutions by providing world class services at competitive costs.

Research and Consultancy

 Liwuet works with experts and ICT professionals to ensure that every stage of research communication cycle works effectively.

Entrepreneurship and Business Clinics

We are a group of professional advisors with many years of experience in packaging SMEs and connecting them to Venture Capitalists

Business Development Innovations

Liwuet also provides services for start-ups. These include business registration, practical entrepreneurship training.

Information Technology

Strategy experience and analytical expertise combine to enable decision making and create value.

SME Strategy Planning

SMEs is low and they can pass the assessment by investors. We monitor growth process to guarantee good ROI for the investor.

Public Sector Collaboration - PSC

Revenue generation and growth strategies development, District Development Facility (DDF) capacity building training.

our benefits

Few Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

We seamlessly merge two key components –  information technology and Business Development Innovations. 

Our team and approach


We are group of independence players you can rely on

Innovative Ideas

We maximize output of existing ideas through simpler means, at cheaper cost .

Problem solving skills

We clearly identify and define the problem of our clients, generate possible interventions, evaluate solutions, decide on a solution, implement the solution and evaluate the outcome


Collaborative approach

 Our team effort thrives  through in-depth vertical and horizontal experience of staff.

Blue sky thinking

We challenge the statueques by innovating completely new ideas that translate into practical and productive change.

Based on advanced technology

We aspire to lead innovations using tested new technologies that promise to deliver significant value among relative few users.

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